Taking proper care of your EBT card

Electronic benefit transfer cards are there to act as the electronic systems and get you to avail the benefits from the state welfare departments. You can easily use these EBT cards to avail the extra benefits and food stamps under the SNAP program. Also, these cards can be used as the ATMs for cash withdrawals in need. You can also read out the www.ebtedge.com review to get a better idea of the advantages and profits you can get with the help of these articles. There are also great deals of things you need to keep in mind to take proper care of your card as well as guaranteeing its durable and efficient usage.

The things to keep in mind while at ATM

Make sure you are only using the ATM you feel safe to use and also that no one is looking up at you while you are entering the secret Pin in order to protect it from leaking and misused by anyone.

Also make sure to quickly well place your card, cash and the receipt as soon as you are done with the process.

Also, you should keep all the receipts with you in order to keep a fair track of the balance in your account.

Make sure you are having your EBT card with you when going out to the ATM.

How should you keep the EBT card?

You need to keep your card in a safe and damage resistant place.

Also, make sure you are writing down your secret Pin neither on the card nor the card sleeve.

Keep the card upright and avoid from bending it to have it damage free.

Do not make any kind of scratching or scribbling over the black stripe of the card. As it contains all the information about your card and should not be damaged in any of the ways.

Avoid keeping your card with any kind of magnet or any of the electromagnetic object like the VCRs, remotes, TV sets or the stereos as the rays from these objects can damage your card.

Even the small magnet in your purses and violets are enough to do the damage so better to keep your card on the cover when carrying it in your violets or any bag having the magnets.

When your card is lost?

In case you end up getting your card lost or stolen do not waste time and immediately reach out to the local DTA office to get your card blocked and issues a new one in exchange. Also, make sure you are getting new secret PIN issued with the card itself. If you found out about the card after the office hours you can report the events at the number 1-800-997-255. The customer care will itself take the required steps and the needful processes to be done. If in any case, you are moving when you lost your card immediately contact your DTA officer and tell him about all the place taking events.